BMW i series sales reached 100,000, aiming at self-driving technology

BMW made another achievement recently. It announced that i series electric vehicle sales reached 100,000 worldwide. BMW company released i3 electric vehicle in November, 2013 and further launches it with the testing data and experience through ActiveE.






In past three years, i3 vehicle received sales of 60,000 by BMW which is honored to be the most successful high-end compact electric vehicle. BMW claimed that 80% of i3 consumers were their new clients, that is, it was the first time that they bought BMW when they chose i3.It was an important growth rate. BMW launched i8 PHEV later which is an attractive concept vehicle. i8 PHEV is welcomed by the public.

i8 was supply fell short of demand in the beginning. It will keep the attraction for some more time in the future, especially i8 Roadster allows people to see drivers easily. BMW revealed that it sold 10,000 i8 vehicles since the release in 2014. What’s more, BMW also sold about 30,000 other brands of PHEV which belong to iPerformance.

PHEV sales will be increased in the following years as the overall sales increase of electric vehicle. Harald Kruger said:”BMW i series is still our pioneer of innovation, we will keep innovating for the achievement of self-driving technology. BMW iNEXT will release new standards.”

BMW confirmed that it will release pure electric X3 vehicle in 2020 and another electric vehicle in 2021 after the confirmation of releasing Mini Countryman PHEV and i8 Roadster in 2018 and pure electric Mini in 2019.

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