Dropbox Rolled out A Series of New Features

On Wednesday the cloud service Dropbox released a series of new features for individual and business users. One of the most impressing features is to scan documents (like article, menu, or content on white board) with the cameras of mobile devices. Those scanning copies will be directly uploaded & saved into the Dropbox account. For the paying Dropbox Business users, that feature is enhanced – the content within those documents can be recognized & converted to searchable words using the technology of character recognition (OCR). (BTW, other cloud services like Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive, have already provided the scanning feature).

Obviously Dropbox hopes to utilize this feature to seamlessly extend a lot of activities and business developments that happen in the real world into its services. “We all still love using analog tools, writing on white boards and using sticky notes and printed pieces of paper,” head of product Todd Jackson said. “We want to take analog info, help users get it into Dropbox, and make it more searchable and accessible.”

Dropbox also released other features for its business customers. A big “Plus” button is added and placed in the center of bottom of the app, allowing users to create new documents in the forms of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, and to import the contents they scanned into the Office documents. Another feature is the ability to view previews of previous versions of documents, which means you can directly view a list of the older version of your file and restore the correct version in just one click.

Clicking the plus button and then taping “Scan Documents” will open the camera of your mobile device. As you line up the shot, tap the camera button and then save it as a PDF or PNG file. You can edit the file by adjusting the border and contrast of your scanned document, rotating it, and choosing from three filters: B&W, Whiteboard and Original. If you tap the plus button, choose “Create or Upload File” and tap “Microsoft…”, Dropbox will ask permission to launch Microsoft app on your device so as to create a new file, and finally the file will be saved to your Dropbox folder.

The scanner and other tools will be available only for iOS users. The company didn’t respond to the question when those features might be available to Android users.

Do you think the new features of Dropbox make the experience more seamlessly? Will you give it a try after the main update? Welcome to share your thoughts with us.

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