Facebook is launching talent recruitment platform to seize market share from LinkedIn

Facebook plans to launch talent recruitment platform on its public webpage to rival LinkedIn. The new platform will bring more traffic for Facebook and hunting companies can list positions to candidates by social networking platform.

Facebook spokesman claimed the company is testing a great deal of recruiting functions. In view of many medium-size and small enterprises posted recruitment information on Facebook, what Facebook needs to do is to test webpage so that it can create job positions and accept applications.

It is said that this new serivce is on a par with LinkedIn which can be competed with Work4, Workable and Jobscore where enterprises can create job application with their help and embed this link to enterprises’ Facebook web-page. Facebook added Profile Tags last year, which are similar to LinkedIn’s endorsements.

It will add new features for its recruitment platform to upgrade its positions and provide more details such as work category, salary, full time or part-time. The page of recruitment positions will display “Apply Now ” button where it will execute the standard job application process when applicants click this button.

Enterprises will receive notifications from Facebook Message after applicants submit job application. Many people think it is inefficiency to receive job applications from Facebook messaging app instead of receiving them with their enterprises’ email addresses.

Enterprises will pay some subscription fee to send its recruitment information to more applicants with targeted information. Facebook has advantages to access all kinds of people to increase degree of participation.

Not all the people would like to create profile on LinkedIn. So far, LinkedIn just obtains 400 million registered users, while Facebook has 1.8 billion. Facebook can access those who don’t need or change a job where it may attract them to apply jobs.

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