Scan and Fix Registry

Registry issues may cause various system programs to users’ computer such as system slowing down, dll/exe errors, freezes or even crashes, while AdvancedFix offers you the effective solutions to clean up all these unwanted/corrupt entries within clicks, this not only make your PC run like new again but also keep it away from many major system errors that caused by registry problems.


Defrag Registry

Registry needs to be defragged regularly just like the hard drive, by using the unique registry defragment feature, you’ll be able to defrag your computer registry with ease, that helps to neaten the data stored in the registry, allows the system to access to them much easier than before, and your computer will be double optimized since.


Clean up Junk Files

Your computer may stuck with many junk files temporary files, invalid shortcuts, obsolete items in Program Files, empty folders, etc over time and you didn’t even notice at all, take it easy, the Junk Files Cleaner of AdvancedFix helps you to dig out and delete them all to free more hard drive space, thus avoid hard drive corruption and accelerate the file reading and writing speed.


Protect Privacy

AdvancedFix helps you erase all the history, temp files and cache of your browser, protect your personal online information such as online account, password number, etc from being stolen or peeped by others. This also boosts the web browsing speed.