Google acquired undecidable Labs,transforming photo search into online shopping

Undecidable Labs, a startup enterprise which was established by former Apple engineer, became a part of Google Search team on November 15.







The confirmed source indicated that Google acquired Undecidable Labs last month. Its business lined within the focus of importing online search on purchasing behaviors.

This acquisition showed Google, as the biggest subsidiary of Alphabet Inc, takes further measures to transform its huge online photo links into revenue streams.

According to external predication, some efforts focused on early e-commerce made by Google are mingled hope and fear. Google Pay hasn’t made great performance yet. However, its search service found some business opportunities online and has strong advertising traction.

Cathy Edwards, founder of Undecidable Labs, is now responsible for Google photos search and product development. She denied to make any comments.

Undecidable Labs set its headquarter in San Francisco. It already raised over $1 million finance.

Edwards worked as engineering director for two years in Apple. She revealed that Apple bought search engine Chomp from her in 2012. Then she established Undecidable Labs in 2015.

Stefanie Kraus is an employee of Undecidable Labs. She describes her job as creating a purchasing research tool for online shoppers.

“By importing a filteration system, taking “good” and “perfect” descriptions into consideration, we will make sure search items displayed to users with a meaningful means,” wrote by Kraus on its website.

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