How many unpopular Apple products that you know?

Apple announced to dismiss the department which produces routers. Owing to this piece of news, many of readers knew that Apple produces routers. iPhone and iPod are known to all, however, it still has many products that enjoys little popularity.

AirPort router

Apple has three modules of routers: AirPort Exreme, AirPort Express and AirPort Time Capsule.The design of AirPort series routers followed its customary styles: simple and generous. The advantages of AirPort routers are AirPort Express supports the display of AirPlay, Time Capsule can make back up of Time Machine and work with iPhone or MacBook. The settings of AirPort series are simple as well. These features are the most attractions for AirPort.







Apple priced them respectively at 688 CNY,1399 CNY and 2199 CNY. Time Capsule is installed with a 2TB /3TB hard drive and featured with NAS function.To many consumers, its prices are unreasonable as many routers on the market charge about one hundred yuan.

Thunderbolt Display

Apple stopped selling Thunderbolt Display before it announced to dismiss router’s department. The former of Thunderbolt was called Cinema which had four editions with 20-inch, 24-inch, 27-inch and 30-inch. Apple stopped selling Cinema series when it released Thunderbolt in 2011. Thunderbolt only has a 27-inch edition, with 2560×1440 resolution. It can be connected through Thunderbolt ports by series system, such as charging MacBook. The USB port of Thunderbolt Dispaly can be applied on MacBook at the same time.

With the demand on 4K video processing and limit of Thunderbolt ports, this display is out of date. And it charged at $999 which had fewer chances to compete with 4K or 5K displays. Thunderbolt Display lost its advantage in series system when Apple released iMac.


Apple once explored in server field. It released the rack-mounted server in 2002, applying Mac OS X Server and upgraded each year. It charged at least $ 2999 which was more expensive than others. Xserve did not have a big product line so that it could not rival the ones from IBM and Dell.It stopped producing Xserver in 2011 as rarely consumers purchased it.

Apple USB Modem

Since the production halt of Apple Data Modem 2400 in 1992, Apple released the first external modem in 2005. This USB Modem could send and receive data at 56kbps, while send and receive fax at 14.4 kbps. It charged at $ 49.

With the popularity of broadband and wireless internet, such DUN modem was out of date. Apple USB Modem announced to stop producing in 2009.

Which product will be the next that Apple announces to stop producing and selling. Time will tell us.

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