Microsoft faces pressure to attract more Edge users from Chrome browser

Microsoft released Microsoft Edge for Windows 10 to replace Internet Explorer browser in order to rival Google Chrome and Mozilla FireFox for market share. The statistic data showed that Microsoft meets difficulties to have Edge popularized. The availability of Edge has a great impact on obtaining more market share.









NetMarketShare provided a latest statistic data, showing that Edge has been modifying, but its developing pace still keeps slow. Microsoft released update for Windows 10 and it should encourage more users to turn to Edge browser. For example, the latest Windows 10 annual update allowed Edge to support extension and modified some functions of Edge. However, the new updates did not help Edge to beat other browsers that on the market.

It is reported that Google Chrome was the leading desktop browser in October. It obtained 54.99% of market share. While the market share of Internet Explorer was 23.13%. Mozilla FireFox ranked in 3rd place with the market sahre of 11.14%. Microsoft Edge came 4th, with the market share of 5.26%, while it obtained 5.09% in June. Its growth rate in October was 0.10 %.

Microsoft is eager to improve Edge performance. It plans to upgrade more new functions or made adjustments for Windows 10 Creators which will be released in the spring of 2017. Microsoft takes advice from participants of Windows Insider to test new version of Edge browse so that it can improve Edge performance continuously.

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