Survey: American consumers are willing to purchase Apple and Google Vehicles

TECHanlysis Research made a survey among 1,000 American consumers who have already owned a car or plan to purchase one in two years. The survey involves in car brands, performance and technology. One of the questions is whether consumers are willing to purchase vehicles that produced by Apple, Google or other tech companies.







There is no doubt that the survey is based on assumption. So far, no technical company announces to manufacture or sell vehicles. These tech companies possibly won’t even release their own vehicles. If they do, the consumers may have willingness to purchase their products.

Half of interviewees considered to purchase vehicles from tech companies. Speaking of Apple and Google vehicles, one third interviewees plan to purchase them. Over 10 percent of interviewees confirmed that they would purchase vehicles which produced by tech companies.

Considering there are no tech companies release vehicles yet, the prices and performances are unknown. Therefore, their purchase intention was assumption. However, their intention can give some cautions to vehicle manufacturers.

When ask about vehicle brands, the interviewees have favor to Google though Apple vehicle got more attention from media. 59 percent of interviewees expressed they have interest in Google vehicle, while Apple vehicle got 52%.

In consideration of age and gender, the preference of Google vehicle is more obviously, exclusive age between 18-24 and 55-64 females.

Among those interviewees who confirmed to purchase vehicles made by tech companies, 12% of them would buy Apple vehicles, while 11% of them choose Google’s.

As was expected, iPhone users have more interest in Apple vehicle.69% of iPhone users considered purchasing Apple vehicles, while less than 45% Android interviewees showed their willingness to purchase one. However, iPhone users also have willingness to purchase Google vehicles. 63% of them would consider purchasing one, while one 60% of Android users would do.

In a word, consumers are interested in technical vehicles. If Apple, Google and other tech companies manufacture their own vehicle brands, it will make an impact on current vehicle market demands.


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