The main reasons for Apple Watch sales declined by 72%

According to IDC report, worldwide smart watch sales volume shrunk sharply in Q3. The delivered smart watches were 2.7 million in Q2, declined by 51.6% from 5.6 million units yoy. The market share of Apple Watch decreased from 71% to 41%, and its sales volume declined by 72% yoy.







Though Apple Watch ranks top 1 in sales volume, its declining tendency is obviously. Apple may close the Apple Watch store at Galeries Lafayette. Speaking of the declining tendency of smart watch, IDC analyst claimed that smart watch is not suitable for all the people based on the current market feedback.

In terms of the decline of Apple Watch sales, the experts owed it to the release time. Apple Watch 2 was released to the public by September, while Apple Watch 1 was debuted in Q3 2015.Apple did not upgrade its smart watch in time.

In fact, Apple Watch has faults which led to the delcine of sales. Apple Watch was criticized to run slowly and its battery lasts short time. Its oversea clients complained that Apple Watch run slowly and caused inconvenience to charge each day. He then sold Apple Watch and purchased Pebble which can run longer time.

On the other hand, Apple Watch must be connected with iPhone to enjoy its full function. It failed to run as an independent device.

Apple Watch was considered as a new luxury and fashionable device. However, it still fails to compete with the traditional luxury high-end watch. Not many famous figures showed Apple Watch in public. While iPhone does better in this aspect. Many stars or singers showed their new iPhones when it was released.

Apple Watch has limitation in social networking application. Apple stressed Apple Watch is a combination of fashion, fitness and social communication. However, the fitness of Apple Watch was replaced by smart wearable devices now. It is not compatible with many social networking apps either.

Its utility and performance need to be upgraded. The analysts assumed that Apple Watch would face sales decline continuously.

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