Why Google can’t launch some programs as Instagram does?

More big companies and startups face much pressure for business growth. Many startups catch up with the development of Microsoft now. eBay acquired Skype. Instagram received over half of a million downloads in a few weeks. Why Google can’t achieve such performance?






Google has difficulties to keep small team operated. Two co-founders of Instagram rented an office at DogPatch Labs to start business. Google Wave team has more than 30 employers, the more employers it has, the lower iteration speed it gets.

Google aims at bigger targets. It can’t narrow down the service scales as Instagram did. According to the report of TechCrunch, Instagram had disagreements with Andreesen Horowwitz due to the provided services. Instagram planned to launch more services, however, it cut the services down when it realized that it was hard to achieve. Instagram can do it while Google can’t. Google have to rival Facebook, and Instagram just needs to improve itself.

Google will invest a great amount of money into some product when it made a hit. Microsoft suffered such situation. The development of a team may cause problems for self-improving. If Instagram becomes a part of Google team, they have to deal with a great amount of emails each day and recruit new employees.

Google services must be compatible with all platforms and all regions, while Instagram is only available on iPhone. Microsoft team slows down the development of producing new products as they need to ensure the compatible with all languages all over the world. Instagram is simple and only compatible with English.

Google can’t have its products in semi-public iteration. Instagram invites users to have their products on trial in advance to collect more feedback so that it can improve its products.

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